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Mediterranean Sea is particularly rich in fish species: it is considered as a marine biodiversity hotspot, exhibiting a unique mixture of endemics, species from the Atlantic, and others of tropical origins. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), globally, fish represents about 16.6% of animal protein supply and 6.5% of all protein for human consumption. The annual per capita fish consumption is projected to increase from 17.2 kilograms in 2010 to 18.2 kilograms in 2030. In fact, fish is one of the most traded food items in the world today. Thus, fishery provides an important income and trade opportunities in many coastal Mediterranean countries. However, there are still several issues associated with fish identification and traceability as this valuable commodity is fraudulently sold.


Solution 1

Solution 1

Technological solution to ensure safety in the entire supply chain

Solution 2

Solution 2

Technological solution to ensure traceability of the entire supply chain

Solution 3

Solution 3

Analytical solution to ensure authenticity

These solutions will be validated through 4 pilot use cases in 4 different countries (Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Spain).


The main goal of SUREFISH is to valorise traditional Mediterranean fish by fostering the supply-chain innovation and consumer confidence on Mediterranean fish products through deploying innovative solutions to achieve unequivocal traceability and confirming their authenticity, thus preventing frauds.

SUREFISH project will:

  • Deploy innovative solutions to achieve traceability of traditional Mediterranean Fishx
  • Revise, validate and make an harmonisation of protocols to ensure fish authenticity
  • Increase consumer confidence of Mediterranean fish
  • Validate the proposed innovative solutions by means of testing them in 4 Pilot cases
  • Share data on Mediterranean Fish products


The SUREFISH methodology is based on a 3-phase approach. Each of these steps is composed of WPs which include the tasks designed to realise the project objectives and ensuring the innovation impacts:

Phase 1 Capacity building (WP2-WP3, M1-M18) 

Phase 2 Demonstration and Integration (WP5-WP6, M18-M36)

Phase 3 Maximization of impacts towards Mediterranean countries (WP4 & WP7, M1-M36)


Call: 2019 Section 1 Agrofood IA
Type of Action: IA
Duration: 36 months
Start Date: 01 March 2020
The SUREFISH project is part of the PRIMA Programme supported
by the European Union under the Grant Agreement number 1933

#Comparison of DNA amplification methods, #Control the label information of small pelagic fish by PCR-RFLP and #Molecular identification.
That’s how @INSTM_TN determines frauds in processed fish products

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