Description of the legal entity

Ingeniería y Control Electrónico, S.A. (INGE), is a Spanish technology SME headquartered in Zaragoza, which counts on a workforce of 120 employees. INGE provides since 1986 high quality products and solutions with added value in IT and Communications and Electronic measurement equipment. INGE offers a wide range of solutions and services tailored to customers’ needs in the fields of:

  • Industry, Energy and Services
  • Telco, Media and Marketing
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Public Administrations, Healthcare and Education

More specifically, the Software Engineering Department develops and maintains tailored software solutions, while offering customization services of commercial software packages and applications integration. Using technologies both proprietary and open source, INGE brings innovative ICT solutions to the industrial sector to assure the management of assets and operations more efficiently. It is specialized in the implementation and deployment of real-time monitoring and control tools and information systems for factories, including intelligent solutions for maintenance, manufacturing and logistics planning. 

Main role in SUREFISH

INGE is the ICT partner in the SUREFISH Consortium, and as such will be responsible for the development of the FTS platform in WP2, the consumers’ app in WP4 and supporting the pilots deploying SUREFISH innovative tools in WP5. INGE will also contribute to WP7 as an industrial partner in dissemination and exploitation activities focused on a commercialization of SUREFISH solutions at the end of the project.


Call: 2019 Section 1 Agrofood IA
Type of Action: IA
Duration: 36 months
Start Date: 01 March 2020
The SUREFISH project is part of the PRIMA Programme supported
by the European Union under the Grant Agreement number 1933

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