Description of the legal entity

FISH BASKET is the first venture in the region to establish a state of the art seafood processing facility with a conceptual layout designed by Berthault Consulting (a renowned French professional consulting firm). The idea is based on an added value project making use of local fish harvest. The processing facility is divided into the following sectors: Sector 1: Filleting and cleaning using IQF equipment supplied by PISCES Fish Machinery Inc. (a US based multinational firm). Sector 2: Processing of half fried / cooked flour battered Fillets, Nuggets, and Burgers. All this is accomplished by using equipment supplied by JBT Corporation (a US based multinational firm). Sector 3: Cold Smoking with the latest technology for vertical and horizontal whole fish or fillets using equipment supplied by MAURER AG (a German based multinational firm). Sector 4: Packing Area consisting of ready-made meals packed using Darfresh® machinery together with pouches and cartons from normal packing using equipment supplied by MULTIVAC Group (a German based multinational conglomerate) and patented by CRYOVAC Inc. Sector 5: Chilled and Frozen Cold Stores using equipment supplied by JOHNSON CONTROLS International Plc. All the docking stations are designed according to the international standards.

Main role in SUREFISH

FISH BASKET will participate in the pilot activities as Pilot 2 case for Fresh Farmed Nile Tilapia.


Call: 2019 Section 1 Agrofood IA
Type of Action: IA
Duration: 36 months
Start Date: 01 March 2020
The SUREFISH project is part of the PRIMA Programme supported
by the European Union under the Grant Agreement number 1933

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