Participation in the International Fair for Agricultural Investment and Technology, SIAT 2022

Β 12-15 October 2022

Exhibition and International Trade Center of Tunis – Le Kram

The team of INSTM participated in the 14th edition of the International Exhibition of Agricultural Investment and Technology SIAT 2022 for the dissemination of SUREFISH project. This participation presented an opportunity to strengthen the collaborative environment in the field of the traceability of aquatic products while promoting the outputs of SUREFISH project.

At the fair, meeting face-to-face with the public allowed us to build deeper connections with customers and fisheries investors in different regions and countries. We were able to interact with several prospects at the same time and place and to talk and discuss the objectives and results of the project through roll-ups and posters. On the other hand, the fair was useful for gathering hundreds of people to perform a sensory analysis for marinated anchovies produced by the Tunisian pilot DIDON MARÉE.

In the SIAT program, the IRESA (Institution of Agriculture Research and Higher Education) have provided spaces designed to allow exhibitors and holders of new technologies to popularize them with investors and the public. We were honored by the Korean ambassador’s presence, with whom we discussed the project’s outputs and the different ways of valorizing results.

Having a scientific and academic vocation, the International Forum is used to clear the innovative paths of the agricultural and marine world. As a partner of SUREFISH project, we were able to engage with multiple perspectives.

The fair has events such as workshops, networking meetings, and presentations and allowed attendees to interact with the Media. Actually, participating in SIAT fairs presented a cost-effective marketing tool for the dissemination of the project by exhibiting SUREFISH solutions to assess fish traceability and authenticity.

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