UNINA AT THE EFFoST International Conference 2022

The University of Naples Federico II (UNINA) participated in the 36th EFFoST International Conference in 2022. The conference, titled “Shaping the Production of Sustainable, Healthy Foods for the Future”, brought together experts from academia, industry, and government to discuss the latest research and developments in food science and technology. UNINA’s participation in this conference is a testament to their commitment to advancing knowledge in this field and their desire to contribute to the creation of sustainable and healthy food products for the future. The university’s researchers and experts made valuable contributions to the conference and helped to drive innovation in this important area of study using SUREFISH main findings.

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT CONFERENCE HERE: https://www.effost.org/effost+international+conference/past+effost+conferences/effost+conference+2022/programme+2022/default.aspx

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