“Empowering Consumer Choice: The Tilapia Case Study in Tunisia”

In the realm of consumer education and information dissemination, a case study of great significance has emerged from the collaboration between the Slow Food Tebourba – Gi.&Me. Association and local Tunisian consumers. The case in question involves the popular fish product, tilapia, which has long been the subject of heavy speculation in the local market.

Through the collaboration with the Slow Food Tebourba – Gi.&Me. Association, chaired by engineer Franz Martinelli, local Tunisian consumers were able to access specific and accurate information about tilapia. This information included details about the fish’s predominantly vegetarian diet, remarkable growth rate, and its ability to thrive even in non-crystalline waters, which makes the cost of farming more affordable.

Furthermore, consumers were able to learn about the nutritional benefits of tilapia, including its high protein content, low levels of saturated fat, and rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Armed with this information, consumers were empowered to make more informed choices about tilapia consumption, and to fully appreciate the value of this fish product as a healthy and sustainable food source.

This case study highlights the importance of information and education in empowering consumers to make informed choices about the food they consume. By collaborating with local organizations, consumers can gain access to accurate and specific information about food products, which can in turn promote healthy and sustainable eating practices. The case of tilapia in Tunisia serves as a model for other regions and countries seeking to promote consumer education and information dissemination in the food sector.

FIND OUT MORE HERE: https://www.envi.info/it/2022/09/26/surefish-il-progetto-per-la-tutela-del-pesce-del-mediterraneo-al-centro-linformazione-per-i-consumatori/

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