Surefish Leads the Way in Sustainable Fishing on International Mediterranean Day

SUREFISH participated in the event by highlighting its innovative approach to sustainable fishing practices. The project aims to develop new technologies and practices that support sustainable and responsible fishing in the Mediterranean, while also promoting the sustainable management of fish stocks and the preservation of the marine ecosystem.

At the heart of Surefish’s approach is a commitment to working with local fishing communities and industry stakeholders to develop solutions that are both effective and socially responsible. The project aims to support the livelihoods of local fishing communities while also promoting the long-term sustainability of fish stocks and the health of the marine environment.

During the event, Surefish showcased its work through a series of presentations and discussions with experts in the field of marine conservation and sustainability. The project was recognized for its innovative approach and its commitment to promoting sustainable development in the Mediterranean region.

The International Mediterranean Day event provided an important platform for Surefish to share its work and raise awareness about the importance of sustainable fishing practices in the Mediterranean. The project looks forward to continuing its work and promoting a more sustainable and responsible approach to fishing in the region.



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