Italian scientists and researchers gathered together for the VII CONVEGNO NAZIONALE SISS, a national conference on statistics and statistical physics, held recently in Bologna. The event, organized by the Italian Statistical Society (SISS), was a great success, attracting participants from various universities, research institutions, and industries across Italy.

The conference provided a platform for researchers to exchange ideas and discuss the latest developments in statistics and statistical physics. The topics discussed at the conference ranged from theoretical and methodological aspects of statistics to practical applications in various fields, including finance, economics, physics, and biology.

The keynote speakers at the conference were renowned experts in their fields, including Andrea Montanari from Stanford University, Giorgio Parisi from Sapienza University of Rome, and Giuseppe Longo from Γ‰cole Normale SupΓ©rieure in Paris.

The conference also included several parallel sessions, where researchers presented their latest work through talks and poster presentations. The participants had the opportunity to network and interact with other researchers from different fields, fostering new collaborations and research partnerships.

The VII CONVEGNO NAZIONALE SISS was deemed a successful event by all who attended, highlighting the importance of statistics and statistical physics in various fields and their impact on society. The SISS looks forward to organizing similar events in the future to further promote the development of statistics and statistical physics in Italy.

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