Public deliverables are OUT !!

The first official review is closed, and once our public deliverables are approved, we make them available for all the audience.

In our deliverables you will learn more about several aspects of our project:

The 3 rules of governance for SUREFISH International network of laboratories;

The communication plan that aims to select the target audiences and to define the key messages and channels;

The selection of the most promising analytical methods based on suitability, simplicity, robustness, cost-effectiveness, time-effectiveness, assuring that this selection covers all relevant fish fraud causes affecting Mediterranean fish involved in the pilot cases;

The three different approaches to define the extrinsic and intrinsic attributes affecting consumer preferences towards fish consumption;

Fish sampling and analysis in each selected pilot that identify the critical loss points in the food systems and the main causes for losses and eventual frauds.

Read and download the full deliverables here

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