What future for our planet? A discussion with high school students

Ing. Franz Martinelli – partner ASS. SLOWFOOD – on Friday 19th of March took part at a webinar organized by the high school  ” Liceo  Scientifico Albert Einstein ” based in Cerignola small city in the South of Italy.

This was a perfect occasion to present SUREFISH and to connect with younger generations – the future of our society-  making them aware about the challenges and opportunity of food quality, sustainability of the food value chain in the Mediterranean area, to pursue the ambitious UN 2030 Agenda goals.

During his intervention, Martinelli sais:

“Everyone has to contribute for making the Mediterranean a common space of peace, stability and prosperity, by strengthening political and security dialogue, economic and financial, social and cultural cooperation and creating an area of peace, common prosperity and human exchanges and cultural…Often the term Mediterranean diet is associated with the concept of a healthy and balanced diet: the Mediterranean countries – especially Italy – are famous all over the world, especially for their cuisine. So the Mediterranean diet is a useful lifestyle and eating style to counteract the aging processes of the organism, a modern elixir of long life”.

Download the full  presentation in Italian language.

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